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How to Use SEO to Build Brand Awareness

Keyword Optimization for Organic Traffic: Up your organic visibility by using long-tail keywords, branded search terms and non-commercial keywords. While long-tail keywords can get you up to a 5% higher click through rate (CTR) than generic searches, optimizing for branded search terms can boost your CTR by up to 25% . You can also leverage structured data to make your brand stand out via rich snippets. 

Create Optimized Content: Combine paid campaigns with social media to maximize brand visibility. By spending towards paid campaigns and using relevant keywords, you can further boost your brand reach. Using social media here is a good long-term strategy to create relevant content that gets indexed highly on search engines. It also allows you to use paid like/follower acquisition campaigns and sponsored posts to further drive traffic to your website. 

Target Niche Audiences: Doing so helps bolster brand awareness. By focusing your content on niche keywords, you get to own a space on the internet. This way, not only does your brand improve its authority amongst existing audiences but also becomes the first name in the search bar for newer ones. 

Link-Building Strategy: Focus on link-building to earn serious traction. Although it is a cumbersome process, you can ace it with a few tricks up your sleeve. These include broken link building, using social media communities to promote your brand, or creating info graphics and slides. 

Optimize for Local SEO: Given the fact that 46% of all search engine queries have a local intent; it pays to localize your content, including your visuals as well. By geo-targeting, you can connect with multiple regional audiences and put your brand at the forefront. Other strategies to optimize for local SEO include adding local schema to your website, acquiring local reviews, listing your businesses location-wise on Google, and collecting backlinks from local websites. 

Promote Brand Image: Using SEO, you can shape your brand perception by associating your brand with and optimizing your content for desirable and influential keywords.


The value addition that SEO brings to the table is immense, especially for moving the needle on brand awareness. You can have the best website design in the market or the most engaging content. But if it is not discoverable, then it barely serves its marketing purpose.
The best part about SEO for brand awareness is how multi-pronged it is, encapsulating everything from content to design to ORM to social media. But that also makes the process complex. In that regard, partnering with an SEO brand marketing agency like Evolvertech can be a great idea. We’ve helped many big brands with their SEO branding strategy.