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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Followers


Instagram has become such an integral a part of my life that it's hard to recall the pre-Instagram life. It feels like a match made in social media heaven. The best part about Instagram, consistent with me, is that, unlike Twitter, it's freed from clutter and, unlike Facebook, it's sans useless post updates. The entire process is simplified on this engaging platform. No matter where i'm , whether i'm travelling, eating, or simply killing time, Instagram is my thing.

Navigating for a few interesting visual treat from some great brands and celebrities along side some silly updates from friends is what i really like about Instagram. Clearly, i'm not the sole one crazy as there over 400 million users. Today, Instagram has spread like wildfire, which has made it one among the foremost used social media platform within the world.

A marketing strategy is incomplete without exploring the prospects that Instagram has got to offer. With users being hooked in to it, marketers just cannot avoid it. The marketers have mastered the de-cluttering Facebook and reached their desired audience and that they have understood the restrictions of Twitter’s 140 characters, but Instagram are often slightly tricky. In order to spice up your followers on Instagram, you would like to possess some tricks up your sleeves. I have compiled an inventory of



1. Include Trending Hashtags
The thanks to understand Instagram is thru its hashtags. Today, everything is about hashtags, most of the people use it on Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, and other social platforms. This is all thanks to Instagram. While posting an image , people flood the outline with hashtags. This simplifies the method of finding something rather than aimlessly wondering everywhere the social media, you only got to use the hashtags to ascertain all of Instagram.

While trying to market a brand or a corporation , most of the people get confused on which hashtags to use. A simple way to solve this dilemma is to use the search option. Here you can find out if the hashtags are trending. A brand also can target each day of the year, as an example , you'll use the favored hashtags rotating during the planet Environment Day and check out and make it relevant for your brand.

One of the strategies that you simply can adopt is to ascertain , which hashtags have worked for your competitors. Furthermore, within the case of uncertainties regarding the hashtags getting used , there's always the search option available.

Another aspect that marketers have a problem with is, to know the amount of hashtags to be used. Is using too much harmful? How much is too? These are some of the questions that you might have. There have been studies that have analyzed this aspect. The study tested with the assistance of users who had 1,000 followers or less. The studies revealed that posts with 11 approximately hashtags had more engagement. But here you need to be reasonable and not overcrowd your post with hashtags.

2. Tag People

By this, I do not mean your loved ones. From a brand’s perspective, you would like to tag folks that hold some relevance to your brand. Here you would like to tag folks that have an interest in connecting with you. Partnership is a superb thanks to boost your followers. Mention other blogs in your post and that they will eventually interact with you. Research and recognize the tags you would like to use. Once you recognize , start adding these brands, blogs, or individuals in your post. But there's a line of balance that you simply got to maintain, otherwise this tactic might end in irritating people.

3. Interact by liking and commenting

As the title suggests, increase your interaction by liking and commenting on relevant posts. You need to reach out to your target audience and this is the best way to do so. This in turns encourages them to interact with your brand. You can try using an Instagram bot to automate this process.

4. Make sure to include location

Sometimes users might look for images using keywords concerning location. Therefore, it's necessary to tag a location in your post. The more the favored the situation is that the better the probabilities of users seeing your post. This is a particularly simple way of adding more followers to your account.